Will Koeman continue with Barcelona?

Ronald Koeman’s future as manager of Barcelona is in question. Barca has lost both matches in the Champions League with a crushing score of 0-3 since the start of the season and won only three games out of six in the Spanish La Liga. According to Spanish media forecasts, after the match defeat with Atlético, Koeman will be fired.

The new coach will have time to get comfortable during the break for the national teams. Here Barca fans can get code to place a wager and predict the next Barcelona manager. In the last 20 months, Koeman will be the fourth specialist to be dismissed from his position as Barcelona’s head coach.

What exactly is not Koeman’s fault?

Josep Bartomeu, the club’s previous president, drove the club into debt and raised the payroll to an unheard-of level – nowhere in Europe have players been paid as much as at the Camp Nou. Since the existing players’ wages are being reduced, Barca can only reinforce the team with free agents. It is not the ideal position for a coach who has to alter the bad outcomes dynamics.

Another repercussion of the club’s worst financial crisis was the departure of the greatest player in its history. Due to Spain’s strict financial fair play regulations, Barcelona could not announce Messi for the season. Koeman has lost his team’s best player and one of the strongest in the world and was unprepared for the scenario.

For years, Barca’s administration purchased football players that were neither required nor fit into the squad by the existing managers. By 2020, the Catalan squad will have devolved into a mishmash of young players headed by Messi. From the club’s very first matches, Kuman has actively engaged the youngsters.

What is Koeman responsible for?

Koeman is in charge of configuration and starting lineup selections. There is no stability in the players’ choice: they appear at the base, then disappear, the coach throws them from one position to another. Despite having a restricted number of fresh players to invite, the Dutch expert managed to get the useless Eric Garcia and Luuk de Jong through.

Will the squad perform better if the coach is fired now?

It is very doubtful. Most agree that changing a coach improves performance and results temporarily, but only temporarily. Barcelona’s issues are not centered on the coach only and will not be resolved with his departure.

One of the best candidates for replacement is Xavi. The famous captain’s return to Catalonia has been discussed for years, but Xavi has resisted.

According to Spanish sources, Laporta is personally interested in inviting Andrea Pirlo. He could become the new Guardiola for Barcelona.

Roberto Martinez, who is presently training with the Belgian national team, is a less hazardous choice. He is a Spaniard with extensive international experience, having worked overseas for almost 14 years. He refers to himself as Cruyff’s apprentice and has the same football ideals as Barcelona fans.

In any case, we’ll find out who Laporta selected after the match against Atletico Madrid.

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