Which Players Might Associate 2022 with Their Last World Cup?

In terms of professional footballers, many consider attending the FIFA World Cup to represent the pinnacle of their careers. These yearly competitions are watched by billions of fans from across the globe and they have also served to cement several names into the history books. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end at some point. A handful of players may very well be attending their last World Cup in 2022.

What names come to mind? Are there any well-known personalities that might retire from the pitch after the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Let us take a quick look at what the analysts have to say and which players might be missed from next year’s competition.

Karim Benzema

Benzema is arguably one of the best Real Madrid players to date and it is no surprise that he was already a key figure in the Euro 2020. Having recently been gifted the coveted Ballon d’Or, it seems as if there is little left to accomplish. It is still a fact that he will be eager to take the pitch during this year’s event. At 34 years of age, the chances are high that he will soon be retiring. Let’s hope that he makes the most out of the upcoming competition.

Lionel Messi

Names such as Messi have always served to influence World Cup odds and this year will certainly not be any different. Although Messi recently turned 35 years old, there still seems to be a great deal of “gas” left in his tank. It is also likely that he desires to erase the rather dismal memories associated with the 2014 finals. Rumours of his retirement have already been circulating and while difficult to admit, it may be time for Messi to hand the World Cup torch over to a younger player.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is another candidate who could very well be playing his last World Cup. At 37 years old, there is only so long that any athlete can keep up such a frenetic pace. It should also be mentioned that some analysts feel as if his skills are slowly fading. However, we must remember that Ronaldo is a potent scorer (with 117 goals) and he will once again be a formidable opponent throughout the 2022 World Cup.

Robert Lewandowski

Most feel that 2022 will be the last World Cup that Lewandowski attends. This once again is mainly due to his age (34 years old). Still, fans should remember that this Barcelona striker has already scored 14 goals during his tenure and he should not be underestimated when on the pitch.

The 2022 World Cup will once again create memories to last a lifetime for both players and fans alike. Although some of the players mentioned above may not be returning in the future, there is no doubt that they have already created an indelible impression upon the entire sport. It will interesting to see what the coming weeks and months have in store.

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