There is a crisis in Roma: Mourinho could destroy the team

The Portuguese create a toxic climate in which he operates and holds the players responsible for everything.

Until 2012 Mourinho is the best coach in the history of football. Specifically in terms of goal achievement: he won everywhere and with any player. He created outstanding Chelsea and Porto teams, and Inter of 2010 represents the peak of his talents. There were some excellent football players, but practically all of them, except Eto’o, spent their prime years with Mourinho – and never performed as well again. 

Everything was also worthwhile at Real Madrid: a title triumph against the Barca, Champions League semi-finals, and several records. Even then, something started to happen to Mourinho: with each passing year, he got more toxic, and his perception of modern football worsened. Make sure you know how to bet on sports in Iowa if you’re looking to get in on the action.

Each of Jose’s following projects followed the same tragic pattern: 

  • The old alchemy of Mourinho’s name and charm energizes the players, and the club gets to a decent start or a successful season. 
  • An unexpected defeat happens at some time, yet everyone continues to trust in Jose. 
  • Then, there is an unclear phase and a decrease. The team’s game collapses, and Mourinho shifts the blame to everyone around: the referees, the calendar, the players, the management who did not make new transfers.
  • The illusion of salvation: the players pull out a couple of matches to calm Jose, but not because of the team’s performance.
  • The atmosphere at Mourinho’s clubs is often poisoned at this point: the players are divided into groups, Jose loses contact with the substitutes and some of the stars.
  • It slowly escalates into a physical and psychological crisis, forcing the club’s executives to fire Mourinho. 

It happened at Real Madrid, the second run at Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, and now it’s happening at Roma. Mourinho began well in every club but eventually damaged the team’s atmosphere and provided little tactical support. The only difference is that failure occurred more quickly with each new club. It happened in the third season at Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Manchester United; in the second season at Tottenham; and it is about to happen in the first season at Roma.

He often criticized the referees throughout these months, hinted that he lacked a strong lineup, and disputed the summer transfers. Jose was a psychological genius; the present Jose can only drill and suppress, which always causes protest from the players. Of course, everyone wants to believe that Jose will fix everything, but everything points to this not happening. 

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