Supercomputers Predict the Final Premier League Table

A supercomputer has predicted the English Premier League final standings this season, with Manchester United expected to miss out on a spot among the top four teams. Manchester started the 2021/2022 season poorly, winning only four out of their last nine league gamers, drawing in two, and losing three matches. However, Manchester’s biggest embarrassment came in last weekend after losing 5-0 to Liverpool at Old Trafford.

According to the newly released model, the best teams that will dominate the EPL table in the top three positions include Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool. That means the three are the teams to beat for any team that wants to secure a spot in the Champions League next season. Fortunately, punters can check Vwin betting odds for all these EPL games. Vwin is an Asian betting site that lets you bet on the EPL, Champions League, NFL, NBA, and other major sports leagues.

At the bottom of the table, the supercomputer is predicting the likes of Norwich, Burnley and Southampton will dominate the relegation zone. That might be true, as both Burnley and Norwich haven’t won a single match in their last nine league games.

The prediction has Manchester United missing out on the Champions League qualification this season. It also claims that the newly promoted Brentford might be traveling to Europe next year in the club’s highest echelon. The prediction also suggested that Brentford will finish the Premier League fourth, losing only twice at home. Unfortunately, Brentford lost their third home game against Leicester City last weekend.

The prediction model puts Chelsea as the next EPL champion, standing 10 points clear from the second team. This season, Chelsea has only lost one game in nine league matches, drawn one, and lost one game. The Blues are currently sitting on top of the league table and the supercomputer seems to think that Thomas Tuchel’s men can maintain their fine form to win the EPL title. This computer predicts that Chelsea will end the season with 31 wins, six draws, and one loss, recording 99 points to claim victory and standing 10 points clear of Liverpool – which is expected to take second place.

Chelsea is expected to finish the season unbeaten, with their only loss being against ManCity at Stamford Bridge. The computer has also predicted that the Blues will maintain an unbeaten run away from home, drawing five and winning 14 out of their 19 away games. Surprisingly, the computer predicts that Chelsea will only concede one more goal before the end of this season, which would be a historic feat.

Manchester City is standing another 134 points behind Liverpool, and they’re expected to record 76 points with 22 wins, 10 draws, and six losses. Manchester City has at times looked flat in their games, struggling to plan their defense like in their opening match against Tottenham. The City stars are currently standing third in the League table with 20 points after nine games, winning six, drawing two, and losing a single game.

Manchester United is expected to secure a place in the Europa League thanks to superior goal difference, putting them in the 5th spot above West Ham with 70 points each. The Hammer’s last position will give them a chance to qualify for Europa Conference or the Europa League, depending on the team that wins the domestic cups.

Currently, West Ham is standing in the fourth position behind Manchester City with 17 points after losing only two games this season, drawing two and winning five. That puts the hammers three points above Manchester United, who are currently sitting 7th in the table with 14 points after nine games. Westham recorded their fifth win last weekend against Tottenham, while the red devils received a humiliating defeat at home from Liverpool.

According to the supercomputer, Brighton and Everton will continue with their impressive run like they started the season, finishing the league among the top 10. Everton is expected to finish 7th in the league, although it’s currently sitting 8th behind Manchester United with 14 points. Both Manchester United and Everton have won three games and lost three this season, but United has a higher goal difference than the Toffees.

 Brighton is expected to finish 8th according to the prediction, while Wolves were rewarded with the 10th place finish. Wolves have established a reputation as one of the most solid teams in the defense under Bruno Lage and they’re expected to sit behind their Midlands rivals Aston Villa.

Surprisingly, major teams like Tottenham and Arsenal are expected to languish at the bottom half of the table alongside Leicester, while Norwich sits at the bottom with 14 points only. Things are also embarrassing for Southampton, which was predicted to finish in the relegation zone without any wins alongside Burnley. Fortunately, Southampton has managed to secure a single win so far, currently standing 16th in the league table.

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