Soccer: 10 Greatest Matches Ever

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Soccer: 10 Greatest Matches Ever

If you’re a football fan, we are sure you will love to know about the top ten matches ever played.

#10. Liverpool vs. Chelsea | 4-4 (2008-09 Champions League)

Before the Champions League semifinal, the clash between these two giants was to determine who would advance. Chelsea was leading after they won the first leg 3-1. However, during the second match, the Reds came in strong. But it was Lampard who sealed their fate, and the game ended with Chelsea 7-5 moving to the semifinals.

#9. Liverpool vs. Alaves | 5-4 2001 UEFA Cup Final 2001

This was the first UEFA Cup Final Liverpool was playing after the ban following the Heysel Stadium tragedy. At full-time, both teams were on the same level ground 4-4. However, during extra time Liverpool won after an own goal from Defi Geli.

#8. France vs. Portugal | 2-1 ( Euro SF 2000)

Portugal scored a goal 19 minutes into the game. However, a shootout from Thierry Henry equalized the game. But it was Zinedine Zidane’s penalty three minutes before the end of extra time that made France win. 

#7. Brazil vs. England | 1-0 (1970 World Cup)

When Pele made it to the World Cup, he was forced to reckon with. However, England was not going to let Brazil dominate the match. Gordin Banks denied Pele a goal. But in the 67th minute, Jairzinho scored after a high pass from Pele.

#6. West Germany vs. Hungary | 3-2 (1954 World Cup Final)

Hungary was one of the best teams in the 1950s. They had never lost a match when they were walking into the World Cup finals. Also, they boasted some of the best players in the world. However, West Germany got the best of them.

#5. Liverpool vs. AC Milan | 3-3 (2005 UEFA Champions League Final)

This match is referred to as the Istanbul Miracle because it is one the Reds will never forget. By half time Milan was leading 3-0. However, by the second half, it seemed luck had finally found Liverpool because they went on to win their fourth Champions League title. 

#4. Argentina vs. England | 2-1 (1986 World Cup)

Diego Maradona scored the two goals that went on to be talked in history. It was at this platform that he became one of the best footballers in the world.

#3. Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich | (2-1 Champions League Final)

Bayern Munich scored the first goal, and they went on to dominate the match. However, Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Teddy Sheringham scored the winning goals for ManU.

#2. Brazil vs. Italy | 3-3 (Le Tournoi 1997)

The friendly Le Tournoi had four participants; Brazil, France, England, and Italy. Although England won, it was the match between Brazil and Italy that captured many. Italy dominated the game, but Brazil got the best of them.

#1. Italy vs. West Germany | 4-3 (1970 World Cup)

It is still considered as the Game of the Century. It featured football powerhouses. However, it was Italian Rivera who secure Italy a spot in the final against Brazil.

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