Most Famous Players Who Began as Student Team Players

Sports stars come and go but there are just some legends that stand out throughout history. Many of these sports stars began playing in minor leagues at a high school and even college level. If you are an aspirant football player, there is a lot to learn from these inspirational legends. 

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So, who are some of those stars you can draw inspiration from? Here are the top 5 famous footballers that have humble beginnings from playing as student team players.

Red Grange

Red Grange is one of the greatest American football has ever seen and he can be a great source of inspiration for upcoming student team players. Throughout his career, he has made prestigious strides while playing for Illinois. Those prominent moves he made earned him his title called “The Galloping Ghost.

Amongst other titles, Red has received includes being named an All-American for all three seasons. His potential was well-recognized at his first game playing for the Illini played against Nebraska. After that, Red had a very great career for three seasons and that’s when he showed his dominance in football.

This legend made a whopping 3,362 career rushing yards in three seasons. Besides, he had 253 receiving yards with 575 throwing yards. His touchdowns while playing for Illinois reached a total of 31. All of these achievements have led to his number being retired and undoubtedly, Red’s name has been forever inscribed in the hearts of football fans and players.

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Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is another brilliant football player that a lot of fans have come to love. Right from his freshman year in Georgia, coaches, team players, and fans of his school knew that he was destined for great things. During his time playing for Georgia, Herschel’s team only lost three games in three seasons.

When this football star was still a freshman, his team had an undefeated season leading to a national championship win. He contributed greatly to this team’s achievement by rushing a total of 1,616 yards and making 15 touchdowns. Undoubtedly, he was a once-in-a-lifetime player that had a very bright career ahead of him. 

Herschel left Georgia right after his Heisman-winning junior season. That very season was an upstart for the USFL. If he had stayed in UGA, predictions say that this legend would have been a shoo-in for a 2nd Heisman Trophy. Herschel Walker is one of the greatest players that made history as a student team player going forward.

Tommie Frazier

Tommie Frazier has been rightfully considered by many as a football deity that had somewhat of a god-complex. His career began at Lincoln in Nebraska, playing as a quarterback, where he rewrote history and broke several records. Tommie broke several NCAA records and although he did not get a Heisman trophy, his skill and expertise make him one of the greatest.

He came very close to getting a Heisman trophy but was voted for 2nd position in the 1995 season. Other records he broke include the Cornhuskers’ record books by making exemplary touchdown passes, total offense, and rushing touchdowns.  

Bear in mind that at this time, Tommie was playing as a quarterback. During the 90s, this legend led his team to great heights by taking on two national championships consecutively. At that time, he also broke the record of being the only quarterback to do this in 4 decades.

Archie Griffin

Archie Griffin is another record-breaking football player that had a god-complex by daring to achieve two Heisman trophies. He won this trophy two times and there is no other player that has accomplished that up till today. This legend had a much-feared reputation and led to receiving very prestigious awards and titles.

For example, Archie received the nation’s top college football honor for two years in a row. He built up his reputation at a young age, specifically during the junior years while studying at Ohio State. Although his senior years did not measure up to his junior seasons, Archie is still regarded as one of the greatest. 

Some even call him the god almighty of football because of the bold achievements and reputation he built. He is a great example that you can achieve almost anything in football, even during your junior years, if you’re determined enough.

Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders can be regarded as one of the most prestigious running backs in college football history. During his first season at Oklahoma State, this star displayed statistically outstanding performance. He is another record-breaking athlete who broke NCAA records by being a running back that scored 39 touchdowns and made 2,628 yards in the regular season.

At the Holiday Bowl, he made an extra 5 touchdowns and 222 rushing yards to his outstanding career records. Barry also received a Heisman trophy and subsequently had a very successful career playing for the Detroit Lions. He did not stay long at Oklahoma State because he only played for one season and left after that. 

In just one season, Barry broke NCAA and Oklahoma State records by his amazing achievements. Before that season, no one really knew this player as he played as a backup for two years. That serves as proof that you can also make it despite being benched for a long time.

The bottom line

These players have definitely rewritten history by breaking records and receiving prestigious titles and awards. They are forever inscribed in the hearts of fans and fellow team players that were led to great victories. These players had humble beginnings and some were not even recognized for a long time but they still made very successful careers regardless.  

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