Manchester United free up No. 7 for Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford satisfies the long-held ambition of many Manchester United supporters. But one detail was missing: the star’s seventh number. Cristiano has a long and successful history with the “seven.”

After joining Manchester United, Alex Ferguson demanded that the 18-year-old Ronaldo wear the famous number of Manchester United’s most outstanding players George Best, Cantona, and Beckham. Cristiano had played without the number 7 on his back just once since then – during his first season at Real Madrid when the great Raul was a teammate.

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In general, the seventh number on the back of Cristiano is a source of extra revenue for the club.

After Ronaldo’s return to Man United became inevitable, the question arose – will he play under his preferred number seven? This number attempted to sign another newcomer of MU Jadon Sancho, who was bought for 85 million euros from Borussia Dortmund. However, Edinson Cavani, who played under the “seven” last season, refused to give up his number.

Since the Premier League season kicked off on August 14, Cavani has managed to play in three games. According to the regulations, changing the number in the season is prohibited, but there is a loophole. The rules specify that numbers cannot be altered if the player remains a member of the club. But when he leaves, the club will give his number to another player.

And a solution was discovered relatively fast. Manchester United sold winger Daniel James to Leeds shortly after Ronaldo arrived. Cavani consented to take James’ 21st number. The forward plays under the same number in the Uruguayan national team. Well, Ronaldo got the vacant “seven.”

Of course, we can’t claim that James was sold only because of numbers. Daniel is a left-winger, which means he is a direct rival to Cristiano Ronaldo on the left side of the field. James’ sale seems to be entirely rational because United still has a sufficient number of players available to play on the flanks.

Angel Di Maria, Michael Owen, Memphis Depay, Antonio Valencia, and Alexis Sanchez were under the “seven” after Ronaldo departed for Real Madrid. Great names, but they scored just 14 goals in total. On the other hand, Cavani hit 17 goals in just one last season.

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