Kaoru Mitoma: Brighton’s Rising Star and England’s Biggest Discovery of the Season

Kaoru Mitoma, the talented Brighton player, has emerged as England’s most significant discovery of the season. Brighton & Hove Albion, known for their progressive and innovative approach, have showcased their growth under the guidance of head coach Roberto De Zerbi, surpassing their previous point record in the English Premier League.

Kaoru Mitoma

Mitoma’s Impact in Brighton

At 26 years old, Mitoma has been instrumental in Brighton’s impressive achievements. The Japanese international, acquired by the club for a mere €2.5m, has made 30 appearances in the league this season, contributing seven goals and four assists to the team. Mitoma’s exceptional dribbling ability sets him apart. His skill on the ball makes it nearly impossible for defenders to stop him, even challenging the likes of Kyle Walker. Experience the thrilling action of Mitoma’s electrifying performances and enhance your football betting with exclusive betting codes – 当サイトのbet365ボーナスコードを使う – for an elevated wagering adventure.

The University Journey and Study on Dribbling

At the University of Tsukuba, Mitoma honed his dribbling skills. Unsure of his professional future, he pursued higher education and conducted an intriguing study on dribbling. Rejecting the suggested topics, he focused on understanding the mechanics and effectiveness of dribbling. Mitoma recorded his dribbles using a GoPro camera and discovered a precise formula: understanding his opponent’s center of gravity and manipulating their body movements to gain an advantage.

Mitoma’s diploma, showcasing his findings, is proudly displayed at the university and has become a valuable handbook for aspiring athletes. Meanwhile, he continued to excel on the pitch, catching the attention of scouts while playing for the university team.

Professional Career Progression

In 2020, Mitoma signed a professional contract with Kawasaki and immediately made a significant impact in the J-League, impressing with 13 goals and 13 assists in 30 games. His exceptional performances led to a transfer to Brighton in the summer of 2021, followed by a loan spell at Belgian side Union St. Gillois, where he continued to shine with 7 goals and 3 assists in 27 Pro League matches.

During the 2022/23 season, Mitoma’s acquired knowledge and skills propelled him to stardom in the English Premier League. In a remarkable display, Brighton, with Mitoma’s direct involvement, thrashed Arsenal 3-0 away from home on Matchday 36. This victory against Arsenal, which even Manchester City struggled to defeat at the Emirates Stadium, highlighted Mitoma’s impact on Brighton’s success. His performances have put coach Roberto De Zerbi in contention for the title of the season’s best coach, challenging the likes of Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta, and Unai Emery.

Factors Contributing to Mitoma’s Success

Kaoru Mitoma’s success can be attributed to various factors. He meticulously scans his opponents and the surrounding space before receiving the ball, allowing him to make informed decisions. His explosive speed and intelligence resemble the playing style of Marcus Rashford. Additionally, Mitoma worked on his speed in collaboration with Satoru Tanigawa, a Japanese track and field athlete who competed in the 110m hurdles at the Sydney and Athens Olympics.

Understanding the importance of maintaining agility and strength, Mitoma approached his gym sessions strategically. Instead of solely focusing on bulking up, he sought guidance from a specialist to develop a personalized training program.

While recognizing nutrition’s significance, Mitoma engaged with nutritionists even during his time at the University of Tsukuba. This proactive approach enabled him to optimize his diet, ensuring he obtained the necessary nutrients to enhance his muscle mass and overall performance.

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