Jesus has been requested by Arsenal. Who will gain from this?

The Brazilian has decided to switch the champion City team for the unlucky squad. 

The 25-year-old Brazilian forward has won more titles with Manchester City than Arsenal has since the formation of the – four against three. At the same time, Gabriel did not become a full-fledged substitute for Sergio Aguero, which was the fate he predicted to achieve a few years ago. Jesus has a solid record at City, with 95 goals and 46 assists in 233 games, but his goalscoring record has steadily dropped in each of the past three seasons: 23 goals in the 2019/20 campaign, 14 goals in 2020/21, and 13 goals in 2021/22 this past season.

Gabriel Jesus
Gabriel Jesus

Could it be said that Jesus has exhausted himself in Josep Guardiola’s team? Perhaps that’s not far from the truth. Last season, Gabi had no nominal competition at the center-forward position, but he did not always play, and he scored far less often than expected from the tip of the top club’s attacks. As a result Manchester City went for Erling Haaland, who should become the first star of the attacking line. Also, the Argentine forward Julian Alvarez will arrive at the Etihad. Jesus is the third extra in this staffing arrangement; therefore, it makes sense to say goodbye to him. 

In financial terms, Manchester City was not left disappointed either. Arsenal paid £45 million (almost €53 million) and Borussia Dortmund was paid €60 million for the transfer of Erling Haaland. Of course, the Norwegian’s arrival required the payment of sizeable bonuses to his agents and father, but Gaby Jesus still helped repay some of the costs and freed up the payroll funds to keep the newcomers on the books.

It is interesting that Manchester City did not prevent the transfer of Jesus to another Premier League club, although they could have waited for options in other championships. Even Real Madrid had their hopes for Gabriel, but Madrid failed to make room in the squad for a player without an EU passport because the issue of Vinicius obtaining Spanish citizenship had been delayed due to the fault of the Spanish state authorities.

However, after the confirmed transfer to Arsenal, it is possible to start the mode of reading between the lines. Firstly, City probably does not consider the Gunners as a direct competitor. And who would argue with that? Secondly, Jesus himself is recognized by the English champions as less promising and effective than Haaland and Alvarez, who came to his position. It seems that Manchester City has calculated everything and concluded that the transfer of Gabi Jesus to the fifth team in the EPL will not change the championship concept for the Citizens to the pessimistic side. Perhaps it doesn’t.

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