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Almost every committed fan wants to get something out of every game, especially the games you can predict accurately. Betting allows you to make a few dollars or even more for a game or series of games.

It is no myth to affirm that you can earn millions from betting as long as you’re ready to put your head in the game and be smart. Betting isn’t just a hobby you do to pass time. It is a lucrative business from which you can earn big, just like Matthew Benham who quit his financial career to plunge into betting and earned a whopping 20 million dollars.

This money helped him start his betting platform and eventually made him the owner of Brentford. He is just one among many who put their heads in the game and made a fortune from gambling.

Betting is legal and legitimate. According to ESPN, the United States Supreme Court rescinded the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, giving freedom to bet on sports in America.

You can make the most of your NFL betting if you understand the types of bets and which one is best for you.

Here are different types of bets in the NFL league

1. Moneyline

Moneyline is one of the most common betting options sports fans use. Moneyline betting is placing a bet on who you predict will win the game. It chooses the winners of a game irrespective of the points gap or scorelines.

The most likely team to win a game is usually written with a minus symbol in front, e.g., (-180). This means you’ll need $180 to win more money.

To use the moneyline bet, your data and statistics must agree that the team you’re betting on will probably come up as the winner of the game.

2. Point Spread 

A point spread is different from a moneyline in that it focuses on the points. It is a bet placed on the total points a team can accumulate in a game. For example, if the odd for a team’s point spread is (-8.0), then the team is meant to score above 8 points for you to win your bet.

NFL spread betting is very popular among sports fans. However, it is risky to place a point spread bet on a weak or small team playing against a much stronger or fiercer one. The point spread should be placed considering the team’s strength to get the desired points you need to win.

3. Props Bets 

An NFL prop bet is a wager placed on a certain occurrence or event in a game. The prop bet is unrelated to who wins the game, but rather to the possibility of the event you predicted occurring. Its full meaning is proposition bet.

4. Over/Under Total

Over and Under betting is a prediction of the total number of points both teams will accumulate after a game. The sportsbook reveals certain points that they suppose will be total in a game. You can bet “over” if you think both teams will score more, or you can bet “under” if you think otherwise.

For example, a sportsbook can put its total at 50 points. You can choose to bet over that or less than that based on what your handicapping provides.

5. Live Bet 

This is in-game betting. It helps you wager on different aspects of the game when the match is still on or during commercials. There are also live odds available to every bettor.

6. Parlays

This is when a gambler combines more than one bet into a bet slip. Many sports fans do this because the odds and payout tend to increase when a parlay is used. Parlays have their risks too and should not be entirely dependent on them.

In combining games, there are teasers (a type of parlay) that give you room to bet on the point spread and totals of two games. It should not be entirely relied upon.

7. Futures

This is betting on games that have yet to happen. It can be placed on conference games or division games.

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