Everton has sunk to the bottom of the table, while Newcastle has climbed from there.

Newcastle United and Everton have a lot in common, but in six months, clubs swap spots. According to British standards, both cities are situated in the northern province: Liverpool is in the northwest while Newcastle is in the country’s northeast. These clubs’ fans have distinct regional accents that might be tough to understand if you aren’t familiar with them. 

Frank Lampard and Eddie Howe
Frank Lampard and Eddie Howe

In the 2000s, both clubs showed a ton of potential. Newcastle finished in the top five for three seasons in a row (2001/02 – 2003/04) and even won bronze medals. Everton finished in the top five for two consecutive seasons (2007/08 – 2008/09) and even qualified for the Champions League. There are a lot of opportunities to bet on matches of these clubs, and sports betting Canada could add some excitement to your life.

Everton had been a considerably more ambitious project in recent years, with the squad aiming to qualify for European tournaments, while Newcastle just cared about keeping their Premier League status.  

Newcastle was acquired by a group linked to the Saudi government on October 7th, marking a watershed moment in the team’s history. Everton was sixth in the EPL, and Newcastle was second-to-last at the moment of the deal. This dynamic seemed to be continued till the season’s conclusion. But now Newcastle is higher in the standings.

The clubs move in opposite directions:

  • Newcastle has won six of its past seven games, losing just one
  • Everton has lost seven of its last eight games

What happened to the teams as the season progressed?

What is happening to Everton right now is not a one-season disaster but the consequences of club owner Farhad Moshiri’s long-term destructive approach. The British-Iranian billionaire acquired majority ownership of the club in February 2016 and recently expanded his share to 94%. However, he made sports decisions all this time, even though his advisers didn’t like them.

Everton had six different managers under Moshiri’s six-year presidency: Roberto Martinez, Ronald Koeman, Sam Allardyce, Marco Silva, Carlo Ancelotti, and Rafael Benitez. Frank Lampard is the seventh. Each of these people is a different style expert, and there is no connection or heredity between them. 

It is reflected in the transfers: each new expert purchases players that fit his own vision. Ancelotti was the longest-serving coach in the Moshiri era with 67 matches. By hiring Lampard, Everton’s owner seems to have finally accepted his club’s status in the Premier League. Maybe he’s now willing to give the new coach time and put his faith in the young players.

Newcastle is doing everything correctly-a reasonable amount of squad strengthening and a good coach. It is also a project from the Middle East. With the help of Newcastle, Saudi Arabia wants to improve its image in the West. However, the Saudis were smart enough to evaluate their ancestors’ experiences and made a wise move – they found mediators. 

A businesswoman with extensive knowledge of the Middle East and English soccer, Amanda Staveley manages the club’s operational administration. The Saudis entrust financial choices about sports to Staveley and her advisors.

Newcastle is fortunate to have a good coach. Newcastle concentrated on Eddie Howe, a 44-year-old British expert who had built a strong squad at Bournemouth. It is more in line with the club’s present goals: to stay in the Premier League and develop consistently. 

Newcastle spent over 100 million euros in the winter transfer window; however, players were chosen based on the coach’s tactical preferences rather than famous names. Newcastle received a significant boost on the one hand. On the other hand, the coach doesn’t have to deal with moody superstars. And, perhaps most crucially, when all people involved are working in unison, the outcome occurs naturally.

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