Cristiano Ronaldo Once Again Reached Another Milestone No One Has in the Football Industry

Football is still on the top spot when it comes to the most popularly played and followed sports worldwide. This is especially in European countries where football tournaments are extremely popular. This is also popular when it comes to the sports betting industry.

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Many people would wager on their favourite teams each year. Some would even place bets on teams just because of a single player. Like how Cristiano Ronaldo fans would place winning bets on Juventus just because he is in the team. You can learn more about betting on football and other sports at This is a great site to check if you want to start betting.

Now, when it comes to football, many names can easily be brought up by football fans when it comes to who is the greatest footballer for them. However, if there is someone that many will agree on about being the best football player out there right now, this has to be Cristiano Ronaldo.

It has only been barely a month since Ronaldo came into the spotlight as becoming the world’s first soccer player who became a billionaire. This was reported by Forbes and according to them, Ronaldo is only the third athlete across all sports to become a billionaire aside from Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather. On this year’s richest celebrity list from Forbes, Ronaldo took the fourth spot next to Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, and Roger Federer.

Ronaldo also has a lot of Instagram followers and aside from his football salary, he’s also earning from different endorsements like Nike, KFC, American Tourister, and Tag Heuer. He is also known for his CR7 business empire.

Reaching this milestone in his career has made him ahead of his known rival, Lionel Messi. However, experts predict that Messi should also be able to reach the billion mark by next year. Messi remains to be his greatest rival for the prestigious GOAT title.

And so it didn’t take long before Ronaldo once again reached a milestone in his career. The UEFA Championship League has recently tweeted and announced that Ronaldo is the 1st ever player in the history of football to score more than 50 goals in Serie A, Spanish Liga, and the Premier League.

This happened during a match between Juventus and Lazio that ended with a score of 2-1, in favour of Juventus. This made Juventus move eight points clear at the top of the ladder. Ronaldo appeared to have downplayed his landmark goal at the final whistle.

When asked about this, he said that records are always important but what really matters is the team. He also said, “We are doing phenomenal work and the important thing is to end like this, to win — the records come from a natural process, but what matters is to bring home the league title.”

It was Ronaldo who first scored a goal in the match and it took the second half for this to happen. Ronaldo broke the goalless match in the second half after Bastos was called to have handled the ball in the box.

The second goal came from Ronaldo came in just a few minutes after the first one. Even if Juventus won the match, the team still needs at least four more points to be able to secure the title. Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri spoke about the matches they are playing.

Sarri said, “All the games are difficult now, and in the space of six days, we play three games,” said manager Maurizio Sarri. So, we must stay focused and think about securing the missing points.

He also spoke about Ronaldo and said, “Cristiano is an impressive player because he has the extraordinary ability to complete a quick recovery between games. Not only physically, but, above all, mentally — he is a champion with his feet, but also with his head.”

Juventus is scheduled to face Udinese this Friday. It will definitely be exciting to see how Ronaldo will perform in this match. Ronaldo remains to be a highly productive player at the age of 35. He’s still in his prime and there is no reason to believe that this will be stopping any time soon. Ronaldo has surely hit a lot of milestones in his professional career as a football player. He’s basically done everything aside from winning the World Cup. He has five Ballon d’Or awards and this is just one of the reasons why many people and fans consider him the greatest striker of all time.

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