A Guide to Soccer Predictions

There is no guaranteed way to predict the result of a soccer match. Although one team may be a hot favourite to win, there is always the chance that something remarkable will happen on the day. However, there are certain results, and aspects of a match, which are more likely to happen based on factors such as current form and team news.

Experts use these factors and more to help them make reliable predictions. These predictions in turn are put to use by sportsbooks when working out the odds for a particular outcome. Let’s look at how this works in more detail.

What factors go into making a soccer prediction?

Soccer experts do not rely on luck when making predictions. There are several important factors that they consider.

Knowledge of the game

Experts in the game of soccer spend time developing their knowledge of the game. This involves watching sports news, items on YouTube, and dedicated sites like the Premier League site in the UK.

It’s vital that they keep their knowledge up to date so that their predictions remain accurate. This takes time and patience, but the end result makes the effort worthwhile.

Match statistics

Experts have match statistics at their fingertips using Google. They are able to access all the data they need in real time.

The data they study is not just about match results but everything that happens during a match such as goals scored, goal scorers, fouls, corners, and free kicks.

The advantage of a home game

On the whole, teams perform better in front of a home crowd. Experts take this into account when making predictions. Of course, they also need to consider other factors such as the overall quality of the team.

There are also some occasions when teams get on a run of home defeats. This has to be factored into predictions.

Individual team factors

Expert soccer predictions always take into account factors that may affect the performance of a team on a specific occasion.

Such factors include:

  • Injuries to players
  • Player suspensions
  • A crowded match calendar leading to potentially tired performance.
  • The resting of key players.
  • Up to date team news.

Experts are able to find this information online, at news sites, and on websites about particular leagues or teams.

How sportsbooks calculate their odds based on predictions

Bookmakers like BetAmerica dedicate time and effort to creating odds on soccer and other sports. They represent a good example of a reputable sportsbook that sets fair odds as can be seen in one of their reviews.

How do sportsbooks like BetAmerica go about calculating these odds? They most certainly take into account expert predictions as they examine how likely a particular result or occurrence is.

For example, if predictions suggest that a team is highly likely to win a match, the odds provided on this result will be short.

Sportsbooks also take into account available data, and public opinion, when setting odds. At the end of the day, the odds they set represent a fair assessment of a particular match or events that happen during a match.  

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